Investments, Acquisitions, and Funding

We began our journey in traditional investments, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.  After extensive research, we knew we needed to diversify and stabilize our portfolio.  So we transitioned our energy and focus towards small business acquisitions.  We are intrigued and passionate about connecting with entrepreneurs, owners, and investors.  It is important for us to maintain the legacy that previous owners have worked so hard to build.  Our ultimate goal is to make business owners' dream exits come true!


It's really quite simple, we acquire small businesses with the intention to grow our portfolio and expand at the highest level possible.  We invest directly with our capital as well as seek investment from outside investors through a syndicate or direct equity investment structure, or a debt investment structure.  After the acquisition, we maintain day-to-day operations and handle forward-thinking growth strategies. Our philosophy is to always think big, dream big, and execute bigger!  


Our team along with our advisors have over 20 years of experience investing in small-medium-large-sized businesses.  We have a diverse background and pride ourselves on being well versed in multiple sectors ranging from banking, mortgage, real estate, investments, residential and commercial service-based businesses, technology, insurance, healthcare, staffing, etc.  At Osborne Capital Ventures we genuinely love working with entrepreneurs and believe they are some of the most fascinating people to be around. 

Separate from our business acquisitions division, we are also a creative funding facilitator who can provide the capital you need for your new/existing business, construction/purchase/refinance of any real estate investment, or purchase/refinance of any personal home.  By utilizing our team's personal funding, lending, and banking experiences, we have carefully selected and formed partnerships with our respective capital providers.  Simply said, we have essentially done the research for you.  Therefore our #1 job is to connect the right client to the right capital provider by leveraging our diversified network and unique experiencesFunding is available in all 50 states and in Canada for most products.  We are passionate about funding others' dreams through utilizing smart leverage, loans, and other funding programs.  We have the ability to provide flexible funding options to many of our entrepreneur clients.


At the core, we are not traditional Wall Street material or Ivy league Grads, nor did we get anything handed down to us.  We learned to love the journey, transition our failures into opportunities, and plow through any obstacle.  We love small businesses and believe they are the foundation of the entire economy.  That's why it's our mission to grow and preserve the legacy of small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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